Request a Sample

We are only able to provide one free sample with a stamped addressed envelope. For more than one sample, please enclose a 1st Class stamp for each sample requested, (i.e. four samples = one stamped addressed envelope, plus 3 x 1st class stamps). Please do not affix additional stamps to the envelope, but enclose them with your letter. The additional stamps are to cover the cost of the samples.

You can also receive a full set of 30 samples from our very latest collection, by joining our Fabric Club. Please check when enrolling which collection is being dispatched –as the new collection may supersede the one on display on the website.

To place an order:

Minimum 1 metre, there after in multiples of 10cms i.e. 1.10 mts, 1.20 mts, etc.

  • Telephone +44 (0) 208 541 5274 with your card details: preferably Debit Cards -regret no cheques and postal orders.
  • Alternatively, email your telephone number and we will contact you to take down your details.
  • Quote ref: listed below each sample.
  • Carriage FOR Mainland UK:

  • CARRIAGE FOR OUTSIDE MAINLAND UK / EUROPE: Call +44 (0)208 541 5274
  • We strongly recommend that you  do not e-mail your card details